NERO Outbreak Prevention and Response Plan: NERO Yacht applies robust procedures to manage COVID-19 prevention and testing. Our crew follows strict sanitation protocols to prevent viral spread and cross contamination. We provide medical approved testing before embarkation for crew and guests alike on each and every trip. NERO provides daily monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms on board.


Vacationing on a Superyacht

Superyacht charters offer a luxurious travel experience with all the personalisation and freedom you could wish for. Not to mention, chartering a yacht offers guests a more private vacation experience away from busy crowds, all while exploring beautiful destinations. With this comes seemingly endless possibilities to customise one’s vacation. Still, it may be difficult to fully prepare for the holiday ahead. In this article, we outline what to expect while vacationing on a superyacht.

Opulence at Sea

An experience aboard a private superyacht is one of opulence. With stunning interiors curated for the utmost comfort and relaxation, you can truly unwind and enjoy your time away from your daily life. Oftentimes, superyachts offer multiple lounges, entertainment spaces and even gyms to meet your every need. That doesn’t even include the multitude of amenities.

Personalised Vacation Experiences

Perhaps the most advantageous part of vacationing on a superyacht is that your trip is extremely personalised to you and your guests’ wishes. Depending on the destinations offered and the amenities available, your crew can create a custom itinerary. From day trips and excursions to adventuring at sea aboard jet skis and paddle boards, you can truly make the most of your vacation. However, this wouldn’t be possible without the support of an experienced and dedicated yacht crew.

Dedicated, Professional Crews

A team of highly-trained crew members is essential to the superyacht vacation experience. Crews for these yachts are meticulously chosen to ensure the enjoyment and safety of all passengers. Interior crew members have mastered their crafts and can offer their assistance to make recommendations to create a one-of-a-kind trip. As the deck crew members are versed in navigation, cruising, and ship management, you can sit back and travel to breathtaking destinations in style

What Can I Expect From A Superyacht Vacation?

Chartering a superyacht gives you total control over your vacation experience, all while enjoying the comforts of luxurious accommodations and amenities. NERO Yacht blends luxury, wellness and comfort to deliver refined, well-rounded experiences. She boasts an array of toys and amenities including a waterslide, pool, jet skis, kayaks and more. Retire in her stunning interior inspired by Golden Age elegance of the 1920s. Relaxation and wellness is delivered by her talented and celebrated crew with exceptional service and unrivalled hospitality. Every detail of NERO comes together to provide guests with unforgettable moments they’ll cherish forever.