About Nero

Inspired by the fourth of J.P. Morgan’s legendary yachts named Corsair, NERO was specially commissioned and built by Corsair Yachts in 2007. Launched in 2008, her design was crafted to exude the same turn of the century opulence that underpinned the fourth Corsair yacht, which set sail in 1930.

Design & Build

NERO was commissioned by British entrepreneur Neil Taylor.  A keen yachtsman and serial boat owner, with NERO Taylor saw an opportunity to combine his love for classic yachting lines with today’s mechanical ability and supreme standards of comfort.

Specification & DEck Plans

NERO’s decks are connected by a sweeping staircase and the internal layout features multiple lounges, an art deco cocktail bar, formal dining room, and inviting spaces to socialise and relax.

Nero's Crew

NERO boasts a dedicated captain and crew of 20, including a personal trainer, beautician, masseuse and spa therapist, as well as a Michelin-level culinary team. NERO’s crew are experienced yachting professionals who, in addition to their formal roles, are dedicated to providing unrivalled hospitality to all those aboard.